What famous location is supposedly a secret military base for UFO investigation?

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roswell area 51 is the open answer to that supposedly "secret" military base.
People drive through that area and the locals know that the tourists just want a picture of the signs. Its a perfectly harmless tourist activity so the military guards dont even get their panties in a knot. A little park with greys and little green creatures would be better for a photo op. Too bad the Nevadans have not thought of that one at all. The sign would say Welcome to area 51 and a half.

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Area 51. It's eighty odd miles NNW of Las Vegas and has security up the yingyang - drive too close to the fence and you'll have a greeting party on you in seconds.
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Those UFO stories were created by NASA in order to get funding from the U.S. Government.
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Area 51
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It's Roswell AFB.
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My backyard